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What is the function of ribosome
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Proteins are always the basic need of a cell to perform various functions. Do you know What is the function of ribosome? They are cell like structures that are responsible for making proteins by using amino acids.  Ribosomes are made from proteins and RNAs. Every cell has its own number of ribosomes in it and that amount of ribosomes depends upon the cell functions.


Ribosomes are present in the cytoplasm of a cell. In the cell of a mammal, the total number of ribosomes is considered to be about 10 millions. When ribosomes are connected to RNA, then the structure which they are forming is called polysome.


These ribosomes are not permanent in a cell and right after the process of synthesis, the two units separate from each other and then are used. Ribosomes join the amino acid at 200 in a single minute. So the large proteins take time in formation as they need more than thirty thousand amino acids but the smaller proteins need some time to get formed.

Ribosomes present in every living being works differently. The ribosomes in bacteria and eukaryotes are totally different especially in their shapes and also in sequences. The bacterial ribosomes could be killed by antibiotic and these ribosomes remain unaffected in human body as because there is difference in their structures.


Characteristics of Ribosomes

Ribosomes have the following characteristics


  • Ribosomoes are basically formed of two units one is the larger and second one is the smaller.
  • Nucleus synthesizes the subunits of the ribosomes.
  • When protein is being made, these two units combine when ribosomes are attached to the RNA.
  • Ribosomes when attached with RNA, translates the coding of protein in mRNA to the proteins.What is the function of ribosome

Structure of Ribosomes


  • Ribosomes are basically located in two parts of the cytoplasm of the cell.
  • They are not properly synchronized and found scattered. Some of the ribosomes are present in endoplasmic reticulum.
  • Ribosomes that are bound and the ribosomes that are free are exactly the same in their structures and both take part in making proteins.
  • Ribosomes are very small particles.
  • RNA and proteins both are the components of Ribosomes .
  • Ribosomes are about 37-62 percent made up of RNA and the left is made of protein.
  • Ribosomes are basically same in their structures but they differ in terms of sizes in every living being.
  • The major differences between the ribosomes that of bacteria and eukaryotes is that to make antibiotic medicines that are used to prevent human body from infection. More about what is the function of ribosome.


Functions of Ribosomes

Following mentioned are some of the key functions of ribosomes of a cell.

  • They use amino acids to make proteins. These proteins are needed to perform various activities that are conducted in a cell.
  • When producing proteins, mRNA is produced by the transcription of DNA.
  • The proteins assemble their sequences during the synthesis of proteins in mRNA.
  • Synthesis of mRNA is done in nucleus and then it is shifted to the cytoplasm of cell.
  • The synthesized proteins that have been produced by the cytoplasm are then used by the cytoplasm itself and the left ones are shifted out of the cell.

Ribosomes are further categorized as following

  • Bacterial ribosomes
  • Plant cell ribosomes
  • Animal cell ribosomes

The function of each category of ribosome is to make protein. watch about what is the function of ribosome

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