April 21, 2019
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How to get rid of acid reflux in throat
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Acid reflux cannot be considered as a disease in itself. It is not an extremely serious condition, nor a dangerous one. But it can definitely spoil your life to such an extent that you just no longer understand what to do about it. It can even prevent you from being able to concentrate on anything else like How to get rid of acid reflux in throat? When it only happens on rare occasions and events after you have indulged in some typically unhealthy over-eating activities, you just bear it because you know it is temporary. But when it becomes a regular thing and gets to the point where you have to bear acid reflux all the time and become reluctant to eat anything out of fear, then it is high time you try to find some real long-term solutions to it.
What generally causes acid reflux?
– Obesity. When you are obese or have a body mass index that suggests you should lose weight, you are automatically more likely to have acid reflux.
– Smoking and consuming alcoholic drinks. This can trigger acid reflux, or make it worse.
– Eating too much and consuming too much of fatty/oily food, acidic food (lemon, tomato, yoghurt etc.), caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.).
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– Pregnancy. Being pregnant means that there is a baby inside you, growing every day. This takes space and results in everything in your stomach being congested. This in turn results in acid reflux because your stomach can’t host the foods or drinks you consume.
How to get rid of acid reflux in throat

how to get rid of acid reflux in throat?
– Go on a diet and lose weight (only if you are overweight, of course!) .
– Quit smoking and drinking. If you do both, just know that the smoke+drink combo is a very, very bad idea…
– If you don’t need to lose weight, at least start to opt for a healthy diet. Avoid junk food and start thinking long-term. Reduce spicy and fatty processed foods, and foods that contain an excessive amount of acids.
– Eat small and frequent meals. Your meals should contain high fibers and proteins and less fats.
– In case you are pregnant, we are afraid to admit that you may have to be a little more patient than “normal people”, though.
– Start some physical activity. We tend to just sit/lie down on the sofa to watch T.V. once we are done eating our food. This is the worst thing to do. Fix a new routine in which your heaviest meal of the day is systematically followed by a walk, for instance. This will make you digest easily…
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If none of the above helps, here’s what you need to do:
– Mix a little baking soda (one teaspoon) in a glass of water and drink it in order to balance the acidity levels in your stomach, oesophagus ,and throat.
– Try drinking half a cup of aloe-vera juice. It is a great way to reduce inflammation. Be careful with aloe-vera juice, though, as it is highly laxative.
– Chew a sugar-free gum after your meals. It will stimulate the salivary glands, and this will wash away the acids in your stomach more easily.
– Keep an eye on your acid reflux. When exactly does it happen? What triggers it? Observe everything. The foods that suit other people will not necessarily suit you…
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