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How many calories in a shot of whiskey
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Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that is basically made from fermented barley, maize, wheat and grains. These grains are used in different quantities and varieties to make whiskey. Below we will discuss about How many calories in a shot of whiskey.

Types of Whisky and how many calories in a shot of whiskey

Malt Whisky

Malt Whisky is considered to be one of the best whiskies. It is made through a really time consuming process and is highly demanded by the customers all over the world.

Grain Whisky

Grain Whisky is made from barley generally and it could be made of any gain or also mixed of all grains. It is said to be the cheapest of all whiskies.

Blended Whisky

A number of whiskies when mixed together, forms blended whisky.  These whiskies are normally mixed with each other in same ratios. Some of the brands mix high ratio of grain and low ratio of malt whisky.

These are the main types of whisky, other includes

  • Still pot whisky
  • Bourbon Whisky
  • Rye Whisky
  • Corn Whisky

Production of Whisky

Whisky is made in a six steps process. At the first level, the ingredient from which whisky is to be made is melted. Let’s take barley as an example, barley is first melted. Then the 2nd step is to do the fermentation. Barley is fermented in this step. In the 3rd step, distillation is conducted. After it, casks are filled and after maturation of casks, the whisky is finally bottled.

How many calories in a shot of whiskey

how many calories in a shot of whiskey

All alcoholic drinks have some amount of calories. Some people say that alcoholic drinks have carbohydrates and that is a complete misconception. The total number calorie in your whisky depends on the size of peg that you are going to take. It has been found by some tests and studies that a shot of whisky contains 105 of total calories.

Some people may argue that alcohol is weight gaining drink. Somehow they are right but not exactly. As whisky or any form of alcoholic drink involve calories. The more you drink the more the number of calories you intake. Alcohol not works directly to let you gain weight. Yet its presence in your body don’t let the pre present fats to melt and thus the fat starts forming layers and this is how you start gaining weight. Well if you are on a diet and not taking any of the fatty meals then your consumption of whisky will be having least effects on your weight. Because you’ll not be having any fatty thing that will add up in the layers of fat that are pre present in your body. Well if you are not on diet and eating everything else then you must limit your intake of whisky to remain in normal weight or you need to cut of something from your diet whenever you are going to have an extra shot of whisky. So that the level of calories in your body remains normal and whisky could least affect your weight. This is the only way you could have whisky and still be in weight, otherwise there are always the chances for you to become overweight.

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