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how many calories in a pork chop
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Looking for Some Information on How many calories in a pork chop?

Have you been counting every single calorie that gets into your mouth? Do you want to stay away from all the excessive calorie packed in foods and enjoy a healthy, but at the same time want to enjoy the tasty dish? It is hard to stay on a low calorie diet as you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite dishes without cheating. No pizzas, pasta, processed food, not white bread… oops… but here is good news for the dieters, you can enjoy a Pork chop without cheating on your Diet plan. This article explains all that and more–and if you’re interested in knowing How many calories in a pork chop –this article is a must read!

Pork chop can actually be a very good choice if you are trying to lose weight or conscious about your health or if you don’t want to gain extra weight. However, you should also be conscious about how you are cooking it. The lesser you will add the oil in food, the more it will better for your health. For example:  In 100 grams of pork chops 260.0 kcal and 16 grams of fat is normally added. In 70 grams of pork chops 246.0 kcal and 12 grams of fat you will get.Also, chicken is a good source of proteins. In 200 grams of chicken breast you have more than 27.0 grams of protein. Below we will know more about how many calories in a pork chop.

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How many calories in a pork chop Safe To Eat For Weight Loss?

Pork chops usually contains more fats and just because of this reason it is always preferred to include in a healthy diet plan. Excess oil in a diet can make your colon unclean, so if you want to enhance your internal health, you should cook the pork chopsin less oil. As I have mentioned above, there are many diet recipes that includes pork chops and all of them are extremely safe as well as tasty for weight loss.

Does cooking methods affect calories count?

Yes, cooking methods may also affect calories. Roasting Pork chop is the healthiest and leanest way to cook. It will preserve most of its flavors, and herbs can be added to bring out more flavors, but with this method there is no need to add oil. Sautéing Pork chop can be fatty or it can be diet friendly. This depends on how much oil or butter you are using as the main ingredient. Fry pork chops are obviously the unhealthiest form of cooking, as fatty oil will add calories to it and as a result your diet will definitely disturb. Grilling pork chops is another great way to reduce amount of calories and make it taste great.More about how many calories in a pork chop.

Also, when preparing to cook your pork chops, calories count rises when you fry it in oil or use a fatty sauce. Fried pork chops calories count is approximately about 250.0 or more kcal for 100 grams as compared to the grilled pork chops. So get used to of grilling your chicken instead of frying if you are really conscious about the calories intake. Usually a piece of pork chops contains 230 calories, roasted with little oil contains 255, grilled pork chops contains 215 and deep-fried contributes 300 calories. If you are planning to lose weight, then you should avoid deep fried deep. It can disrupt your weight loss plan with ease.

how many calories in a pork chop

Another thing good about pork chops is that it can be served with just about everything. For example, grilled pork chops (calories count also about 110 kcal for 100 grams) can be served with salad, steamed vegetables, rice or in a sandwich. In conclusion: it is a good meat source in your diet.Pork chops is one of those food that is a dieter’s treat. It comes with the maximum amount of protein that can help you to feel full faster and reduce the carbs carving.

Why Pork chop is the Perfect Meat for diet lovers?

We all know that the pork is much healthier than the beef and chicken. It is important to know the calories for pork, and different types of cooking methods result in different calorie count. There are 110 calories in an average Pork chop. Just remember that however you prepare the chicken can add a lot or little calories depending on how you are cooking.

Do calories vary on the pork chop size piece?

The calorie count in the size of the piece preparations, range from about 70 to 500 cal depending on the piece size. For example a pork chop when ready to eat has about 530 cal in it. In comparison to that the raw as a whole has about 170 cal in it. So, in short pork chop has calorie counts that lie between 70 and 500 cal. The small piece of the pork chop has on average about 160 calories in them. But at the same time a spicy variety of the pork chop has about 360 calories in it. The amount of calories in a chicken piece also depends on how it has been cooked as the ingredients make a lot of difference.


Today people are becoming more and more calorie conscious on how many calories in a pork chop, and just because of this reason there are low calorie versions of pork chop dishes available. Instead of frying the chicken there is an option of grilling the chicken. Grilling the pork chop reduces the amount of calories in it. When you’re looking to cut the calories out of your pork chop, remember that the most important thing you can do is to reduce the amount of oil that you are using. If the recipe demands for deep frying, then choose baking and grilling methods of preparing it. Moreover, if the recipe of pork chop calls for stirs frying, try to substitute the oil with cooking spray. In the end, by reducing the amount of oil in your cooking, you can transform an unhealthy dish into a healthy and low calorie meal of pork chop.

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