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how long is chicken good for in the fridge
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Chicken is the most famous and liked the part of yummiest dishes no matter where you go in the world. Chicken has always been the part of the most delicious recipes. No just for extravagant dishes but also for regular meals chicken has been most popular and liked. As it has been a part of daily recipes people tend to buy them in bulk, wash them and store them in freezer or fridge. It saves them a lot of time as they would not have to go to the market every time they want to cook chicken, and also once washed it is stored and used when needed. To know about how long is chicken good for in the fridge read more. Chicken is full of protein and nutrients but is very important to know that how the freezing process affects the quality and benefits of consuming a chicken and for long is chicken good for in the fridge.

Research has been performed by the USDA and U.S. Food and Drug Administration which says that chicken which is raw in form no matter in what shape, as a whole, in small or large pieces, drumsticks, grounded, wings or thigh can only be stored in the refrigerator for up to two or three days maximum. If you bought the chicken in frozen form than this timeline begins when this chicken is being defrosted completely, then again this will long for two days in the fridge.

Also, another research has been done by foodsafet.gov on for long is chicken good for in the fridge, according to the whole raw chicken can last for one or two days in the fridge and for twelve months in the freezer. Cooked poultry, however, can stay in the fridge for three to four days and in a freezer for six months.how long is chicken good for in the fridge

How can one tell if the chicken is not healthy anymore?More about how long is chicken good for in the fridge

For raw and cooked chicken

  •    The smell of the chicken is the first sign that shows if the chicken is good for use or not. The smell of the rotten chicken is very pungent. We are all familiar with the smell of the chicken and can very easily differentiate between the good and the rotten chicken’s smell. The smell of the cooked chicken will also get pungent when its gone bad
  •    Some frozen chicken comes with an expiry date, just check the date to find out if the chicken can still be used or not
  •    The color of a raw fresh chicken is light pink. This color turns to gray or grayish green when rotten. The cooked chicken gets molds around it that gives it a green color telling that it is not anymore good for consuming.

   The rotten raw chicken will have a slimy touch. The taste of the cooked rotten chicken will be very different from a freshly cooked chicken.
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To increase the longevity of the raw and cooked chicken one must keep it in a freezer, as freezer helps to prevent germs and other infections. watch more about how long is chicken good for in the fridge