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At first glance, Suboxone is the kind of miracle cure that helps you relieve pain considerably. But it is also used for a totally different purpose: healing opiate drug addiction (especially heroin addiction) by lessening withdrawal symptoms and making abstinence from illicit opiate drugs possible. Also known as Buprenorphine or bupe, Suboxone is a great alternative to other similar medicines (namely methadone). Here we will know more about How long does Suboxone stay in your system. 

how long does suboxone stay in your system


There are several reasons why Suboxone is greatly appreciated:

  • It can be prescribed by general practitioners whereas other similar medicines can only be prescribed by specialized drug addiction doctors.
  • It is less likely to be addictive. When drug addicts treat their addiction with other treatments, they have higher chances to end up becoming addicts of their medication. With Suboxone, things are better, as Suboxone contains Buprenorphine but naloxone as well.
  • Suboxone is more affordable, since it does not need to be administered in specialized drug addictions center. know more about How long does Suboxone stay in your system. 

How does Suboxone work in the body?

When used as a painkiller, Suboxone blocks the pain signals sent to the area of the brain that controls pain/emotions, and relieves pain.

When used as an opiate drug medication, you need to know that Suboxone itself is an opioid. This means that, when administered, Suboxone will reach the same receptors as illicit opiate drugs. It will send signals to the area of the brain that regulates feelings/emotions/reward. When a drug addict who is following a detox cure takes Suboxone, they will thus feel like that they are doing OK even without taking heroin. The brain receptors being filled, they will feel less or no cravings and less withdrawal symptoms for a while. They will actually don’t feel that they are in withdrawal.

How does Suboxone stay in your body after you ingest it?

Generally, it is said that Suboxone works efficiently for 24 hours. This is why patients are usually asked to take their medicine once per day, at the same time each day. However, it is also known that Suboxone actually continues working in your body for up to three days.

Elimination half-life is a term used when determining how long it takes for half of a dose of a certain medicine to completely leave the body of the patient. This period, on average, lasts 37 hours for Buprenorphine. For Buprenorphine to be no longer detectable in your body, it can then take up to eight days.

Needless to say that for Suboxone, like any other medicine, the time it stays in your system may be influenced by various factors.

  • Your body (weight and height)
  • Your age
  • Your body fat content
  • Your metabolism
  • Your liver’s quality
  • The size of the dose administered

The amount of time of the abuse (if you treat a patient who has suffered from addiction for a year, and you treat a patient who has suffered from addiction for 10 years, chances are that the way these two patients react and respond to Suboxone will differ… things may vary depending on how long the patient has been addicted for).

Know more about How long does Suboxone stay in your system

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