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how long does sperm live outside the body
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If staying outside the body for a long time a sperm has more chances to die rapidly with exposure to air. For how long does sperm live outside the body? It depends on different environmental factors and how quickly they can dry up?
The longevity of the sperm outside the body is controlled with different medical procedures like intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization, in these case, the sperm is washed and it lasts in the incubator for about 72 hours.
In some medical procedures the sperm is brought to the freezing point and can be stored for the indefinite period of time for later use, such sperms are called frozen sperms.
The cells of the sperm have a limited lifecycle. Some sperm cells die within few minutes of exposure to air. A few cells can live for almost seven days in very rare cases with perfect environmental conditions. The lifecycle of the sperm begins at the moment of the ejaculation.

Function of the sperm:

The main goal of the sperm is the search of an egg, to do so it has to swim over the cervix of a woman, to reach the uterus and end up in the fallopian tube. It will have very less time to complete this process. And during this process, the cells of the sperm will have to overcome many obstacles and each of these cells also reduces during all this. Only ten to twenty sperms among the half a million will reach the egg of a woman, that also if an egg is available.
So when the sperm is present outside the woman’s body, it can only live for few minutes. In order to survive the sperm needs a combination of moisture and warmth, so on exposure to air, they tend to get dry and die very quickly. So the environment helps to determine that for how long does the sperm live outside the body.how long does sperm live outside the body read below:

When the sperm is dropped into the vagina it faces an acidic environment, this kills the cells of the sperm that are then unable to reach the cervix. The reproductive tract’s ph. level during the ovulation becomes little acidic so the sperm lives longer, which gives the sperm extra time to survive and swim through the cervix.
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Once the sperm has reached the cervix it will now have a longer life, as it has now crossed all the major hurdles. They can live in the uterus for up to five days; most out of them can die within twenty-four hours. Cervical fluid is present that helps the sperm to survive; it helps the sperm to pass through the uterus into the fallopian tube. The cervical fluid according to some researchers act as a filter, it kills most of the less motile sperms and allows only the motile sperms to pass.
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Some major factors that decrease the lifespan of a sperm includes;
Air pollution
Alcohol intake
Use of anabolic steroids
Overweight and obesity
And STDs
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