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How long does morphine stay in your System - healevo.com
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Morphine is a drug that could be available to you in many forms like injection, tablets that are normally stress releasers. Below is well explained about How long does morphine stay in your System.

Morphine is being used for pains that are severe. It has been approved by FDA but in dosage that is considered to be normal if taken as prescribed. Morphine and some other agents are used while in surgery that is said to be balanced anesthesia. Morphine is sometimes also used for the cure of diarrhea.

Morphine have different effects on a human’s body, its time span is different. To know how long does morphine stay in your system. Normally it doesn’t have a life more than 8 hours.

How long does morphine stay in your System

If you are injected with morphine, you’ll start having its effect within 20 minutes of getting it and its effects diminish after 1.5-2 hours.

Morphine could stay in human’s body for more than 4 days.  Well, the whole amount of the morphine that have been taken gets out of the body within the first day you’ve taken it but its traces are left in the urine and feces.

Other than this, a person’s metabolic rate determines the tenure of stay of morphine in human’s body, it may leave before reaching the target or it may stay for so long and cause side effects. So the stay of morphine in body basically depends upon the individual metabolism.


Morphine if checked via blood test in human body, will be traced only within 12 hours of taking it and not after it normally. Morphine is at its high level when it is taken orally and by injection.


Morphine has a long stay in hair. It could be traced by medical test of hair even after weeks you’ve taken it. A single hair strand of a person if detected could provide the 90 days old drug history of his.


Morphine leaves the human body via urine within 24 hours of the last dose taken of it, but if a test is conducted, it shows positive results even after 3 days of stopped taking morphine.

Saliva and Sweat

Morphine does not stay in Saliva yet it leaves some small traces in the sweat.

Morphine’s Addiction

If you are having dosage of morphine as a prescribed medicine and if you feel that you are addicted to it then don’t stop having it. Consult your doctor and then quit taking it to prevent yourself from any effects due to withdrawal of morphine. However addiction to morphine is not so serious and same as drug addiction but if you had been a drug addict before, then you could be at risk of addiction to morphine or some mental problem by having it.  So you always need to consult a doctor before quitting it or if you feel addicted.

Issues with Morphine

Morphine could be having some side effects too but for some people depending upon their body type.  If you are taking morphine and you are feeling nausea, diarrhea then these might be the side effects of taking morphine and you need to consult your doctor if facing this. more about morphine here 

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