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How long does fentanyl stay in your system? - www.healevo.com
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Fentanyl is basically a drug that is used for depressant purposes. It helps in slowing down of messages that travels between the brain and human body. It is generally prescribed by doctor to the patients having chronic pains because of cancer, damage of nerve pr back injury. It is a strong drug that could be available in many forms. For curing pains and to know how long does fentanyl stay in your system? it is available in pharmaceutical forms and for using it as a drug, it is only available illegally.

Effects of taking Fentanyl

  • Drug despite of its type have some risks associated when taken. The effects depends upon everyone taking it differently:
  • It depends on the health, height and weight of the person
  • Person’s past record of taking drugs.
  • Whether he only takes this drug or is used to of taking other drugs at the same time.
  • The amount which has been taken

The effect of taking this drug includes:

  • You could be having Pain relief if that’s the purpose of taking it
  • You could feel some nausea or Vomiting
  • You could have constipation or face Diarrhea
  • Reduction in appetite usually occurs
  • Weakness is the key effect
  • Headaches usually occur
  • Slow pulse and low BP is normally the effect
  • Skin allergy could be happened

 More About How long does fentanyl stay in your body?

In adults, fentanyl usually stays about 11 to 22 hours to leave completely. And if you have used the patch, 35 hours is the least limit when it will leave your body after you have stopped taking it. After completely leaving your body, fentanyl  still leaves its traces behind so if after several days of leaving it your medical test is conducted, it will detect the presence of fentanyl in your blood.

In Urine

Fentanyl could stay upto 8 and maximum 24 hours in your urine after you’ve stopped taking it. The time of its stay depends upo the amount taken, age of yours etc.

In hair

Fentanyl if have left your body, still there are traces of it in your hair and they are left for 3 months or more.

In Saliva

Saliva drug tests are often conceived as more accurate and fentanyl could be detected in saliva till minimum one and maximum three days after stopping its use.

In Blood

Fentanyl could be detected in blood till 12 hours after you’ve quit using it. Although there are some negative side effects of it in the blood that lasts longer but they are not detectable.

Over dosage

Fentanyl could be more dangerous when it has been taken into excess. According to a survey been conducted in year 2015, several states have experienced deaths of its citizens due to the excessive dosage of fentalyn.
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How to rapidly Detox from fentanyl?

There are some treatments regarding this that includes immediate anesthesia withdrawal from your body. During this period, the patient who has taken excess dose of fentanyl is sedated and a proper immediate medical treatment by the use of opiate blocker is conducted. After knowing about How long does fentanyl stay in your system? we will know about How to rapidly Detox from fentanyl?

But this method has proven to be so uncomfortable and sometimes not effective.

Although fentanyl is too strong than all other drugs and most of the times it’s really injurious if taken in excess. Its stay in body depends upon some key characteristics.


If a drug test is conducted, fentanyl could be so easily detected from urine, hair , saliva or blood depending upon the amount that has been taken. It is well explained here about How long does fentanyl stay in your system? Here

For How long does fentanyl stay in your system? watch this video below for more information.